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BB Web Studio's history
Even tough BB Web Studio was only founded in early 2005, its founder Benoît Boningue has been developing web sites since the mid '90s.
In 1994, Benoît made an encounter that would change his life - professionally, at least. Mosaic was back then the first and only web browser around. Studying Computer Science, Benoît didn't like COBOL, Pascal, or C programming. Despite having good grades and ranking high in his class, he didn't see himself doing this for the rest of his days. When he first saw Mosaic and a web site (very very basic back then), he saw his ticket out of a life of programming, and into a life of marketing, ecommerce, and the likes.
For the next 5 years, Benoît would develop web sites for companies like:
- "La Générale des Eaux", now multimedia giant Vivendi Universal,
- Cegetel, the first private telecommunications operator in France,
- Michelin, the world's number 1 tire manufacturer,
- Euro RSCG, France's well renowned advertising agency,
- and many more...
In 1999, Benoît was offered a job with the company that made the web what it is today: Netscape Communications. As a pre-sales engineer in charge of convincing European customers and prospects to deploy Netscape Messaging and Calendar Servers, alongside the critically acclaimed Netscape Directory Server, Benoît was pretty successful, building demos and doing benchmarks so customers can see the true benefits of deploying Netscape's solution. This was his first job in the Messaging and Collaboration arena. Since then, Benoît moved to the US to work at Netscape's world headquarters in the heart of the Silicon Valley. He's also worked with Critical Path, and Oracle. He still works in the Collaboration business and also helps small businesses take advantage of everything the web has to offer them.
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